c36-Winter Birch web.jpgc98-Winter Saplings-2.jpgPretty at Dusk.jpgA soft Dawnweb.jpgSoft Light.jpgSpring Dance.jpgAfter the Rain.jpgThe Softness of Spring.jpgStill Standing web.jpgWild is the Sea web.jpgShapes in the Mist w.jpgPainted Poppies web.jpgOn the River.jpgLavender Web.jpgThe Deer web.jpgBluebells in the MIst.jpgBluebell Woods.jpgColours in the sand web.jpgShoreline web.jpgAfter Glow.jpgRomance WEb.jpgTrawler.jpgWinter Reeds B.jpgFloating web.jpg1 Day Break.jpg13 Flight.jpg11 Moonlit.jpg22 Ripples.jpg15 African Sky I.jpg16 African Sky.jpg14 Harvest Moon.jpg19 Swirling.jpg25 Embers.jpg20 Serenity.jpg12 Reflections.jpg21 Pretty in Pink.jpg23 Tungsten mIst.jpg6 Dusky Blue.jpg3 Autumn.jpg4 Dappled.jpg24 Muddled.jpg5 Vibrant.jpg7 Ice Blue I.jpg8 Ice Blue II.jpg9 Ice Blue III.jpg


Not all totally abstract but this gallery is where I have put images that are more painterly .  Some are created by in camera motion, some by mother nature and some by happy accident.  In 2015 I enrolled onto a course ran by local artist Steve Carroll so I could experiment and learn all about using layers and textures in photoshop. I really enjoyed the course and every now and then I take images that may work well as a texture backdrop for another image and then blend them together.

This is where I get to experiment, play and share the results…